Solving the problem 

Turn Data into Successful Strategies and Programs

Companies often do not recognize the richness of the customer information that sits buried in a database or lost in a stack of papers.  We find and focus on the valuable information you already have, and identify and obtain missing information that can make the difference between success and failure.  We help the resources you have in place - staff and agencies - to achieve maximum effectiveness.​​

Recent Project Types Completed for Clients

Assess Marketing Performance:  marketing audit, performance analysis

Data Mining and Modeling:  data analysis, predictive modeling, Return on Marketing Investment analysis

Retain Best Customers:  identify your best customers and develop programs to keep them in the franchise

Attract New Customers:  locate prospects with similar characteristics to your best customers and develop programs to win them over to your franchise

Listen to the Voice of the Customer:  through research geared towards telling you what's working and what's not

Cross sell - Up sell:  products and services to your existing customers

Identify Your At-risk Customers:  identify those customers at risk of leaving, determine why, and develop programs to retain them

Create New Marketing Databases:  when clients require customer data and none exists